About Us

Pieco represents the perfect union of what I have always enjoyed in business: solution-selling, problem-solving and technology.


And on the back end, our appreciation for computer systems positions Pieco as an ideal combination of know-how and expertise. Our clients are focused in, but not limited to, the Industrial, food, health, drum dispensing and safety sectors.

When Pieco customers need the right component part/solution, they need it right away and at a fair price. We have made that formula the basis for our business proposition. The right product, the right solution, right away. Counting on a supplier to provide this service consistently is truly a kind of partnership. That kind of partnership has been at the root of our component sourcing and distribution for the last 22 years.

The site you’re on is the result of client input, of the best of traditional salesmanship and time-honoured business practices. And please know, that behind this web site is a team of people who are ready to talk to you. Your comments and suggestions for our web site are much appreciated. Please send them directly to our web administrator at admin@piecoweb.com.

Response time, response quality and material quality are the three factors you can count on.

We will earn your trust.

Richard Bysice, President

*Canada and Continental US only