Humphrey TAC Air Pilot Operators for Push Button Valves, Pilot Operator w /Reset 32 UNF


SKU: I0039875

Item Code: 34AR

Model 34AR air pilot actuator threads directly onto the collars of push-button valves. When used on a spring return valve, it provides a momentary “one-shot” output signal (40 psig min)which actuates the operator piston immediately. The operator’s pressure- balanced piston then resets, even in the presence of a pilot signal. This reset occurs within 0.3 seconds at 40 psig, within 0.5 seconds at 100 psig and within 0.7 seconds when used with 4PP, 41PP, or 42PP valves.

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UnitEachApplicationAirBrandHumphreyValve TypePush ButtonMin Pressure (PSI)30Max Pressure (PSI)100Thread Size (in)10 / 1Thread TypeUNFOD (mm)HumphreyBackorder Delay (days)2SKU: I0039875