Mead Pneumatic Impulse Relay Valve

Mead Fluid Dynamics

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Item Code: 414B

Impulse relay valves allow you to shift a double-pressure piloted ordouble bleed piloted valve, even though there are overlapping pilotsignals. Relay valves convert a sustained air flow from a three-waypilot valve into a momentary pulse or bleed, which shifts a control alve and then closes. When actuated, the 3-way valve sends a signal to 414B, which emits a signal to the control valve. The 3-way valve remains actuated. Thevalve shifts, allowing air to flow through port A, extending the cylinder. 414B senses the back pressure caused by the shifted valve,closes, and exhausts. Since the signal from valve #1 is blocked bythe closed 414B, valve #2 (when actuated) shifts the control valve back. Air flows through port B, retracting the cylinder

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