SBR-NR Rubber Hose Assemblies with Fittings



Item Code: AHRB-038-25-25ASS

Ideal for air tool hoses. An economical general purpose hose for air and water applications where oil contact is not a significant factor.The greatest advantage of this product is that it has a working pressure and very high Burst pressure rating. Most air tool hoses have a burst pressure rating of 900 psi. This hose is good up to 1200 psi.Very flexible.hose is made according to standard ISO 2398 Type 3 Class A.The hoses possess nominal ozone and abrasion resistance.Working Temperature range: -22F to 180 F ( -30C to 82C ) Construction : Rubber ( SBR/NR ) Reinforcement:High tensile Polyester yarn reinforcement.

variations of this product are available.