Versa Valve Bleed Valves, 1/8″ NPT Port Size

Versa Valve

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Item Code: BV-2

These versatile valves can be used to operate a bleed pilot control valve. Bleed valves are used to vent pressure from one end of the control valve to allow pressure from the opposite end to shift the spool, changing the ?ow patternInstallation can be made directly on the pilot cap or at a remote location by simply running a single line from the bleed button valve to the pilot cap.

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Specifications & Description

UnitEachApplicationAirBrandVersa ValveMaterialsBrassValve TypeBleed ControlMax Pressure (PSI)200Thread Size (in)1/8Thread TypeNPTOD (mm)Versa ValveBackorder Delay (days)14SKU: I0005747