Versa Valve C Series Open to Exhaust Solenoid Namur Direct Mount Valve NPT Conduit ( 4 way / 3 position )

Versa Valve

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Item Code: CXX-4234-NB1-228L-A120

Solenoid-Pilot Spring Centering. For 3 position solenoid operated valves. The C aluminum NAMUR 5-port designed valves can be ordered as either 4-way (for double acting actuators) or 3-way (for spring return or fail-safe actuators).This valve is field convertible from 3-way to a 4- way, or a 4-way to a 3-way. Relocation of a port plug facilitates the conversion; no special tools, gaskets, or sealants are required. When the 4-way valve is converted to 3-way function, the unused exhaust port becomes an actuator vent into which a filter/muffler can be installed to prevent contaminants from entering either the valve or the actuator.Single solenoid models (for 2-position control), or double solenoid models (for 2 or 3-position control) are available. Actuator positioning is possible with the use of 3-position valves. Manual overrides (guarded-push to operate) are standard on all C5 NAMUR valves. Consult factory for other manual overrides available as an option

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