Remote Logic Unit Only ( Button Guard Foot Mounting ), 5/32″ OD Port Size

Mead Fluid Dynamics

SKU: I0053754

Item Code: CSV-107LS2

Concurrent actuation of the recessed buttons generates a signal.Releasing one or both buttons immediately stops the signal which cannot be re-instituted until both buttons are again actuated concurrently.Low Stress (LS) models are for high production applications whereoperator fatigue is a concern. Needing only 6 ounces of force to actuate, LS units ease the stress on worker’s hands and wrists and greatly reduce the risk of repetitive motion disorders. Standard models require 18 ounces of force to actuate.

Technical Detail Specifications

Specifications & Description

UnitEachAirflow0.11cvApplicationAirBrandMead Fluid DynamicsValve TypeRemote LogicMin Pressure (PSI)70Max Pressure (PSI)100OD (mm)Mead Fluid DynamicsOD (in)5 / 1Backorder Delay (days)14SKU: I0053754