Safety Socket Industrial (Hose Stem (Hose ID)) , ( 1/4 ” Flow, One Way Shut-Off )


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Item Code: SV3603

Standard Industrial interchange design, most widely used in industry. 3 and 5 series automatic water service comply with A-A-59439 ( formerly MIL-C-4109F ). 3-4-5-6 Series meet ISO 6150-B, ANSI ( NFPA)T3.20.14-1990. In addition, SV sockets meet ISO 4414. Sockets are normally supplied with a Buna-N compound. Other seal are available. Ethylene Propylene seals are available for steam. Viton seals are avialble for heat. Safety sockets accept the plug by insertion. The sleeve is moved straight forward to lock and turn on the air. The sleeve is moved back by rotating first to the left and then to the right. This shuts off the supply line , exhausts the downstream line, and then releases the plug. The following are .pdf’s for: Specifications and Layouts – Industrial Interchange and Non Standard Interchange : Fluid Compatability Guide for Quick Disconnect Hose ; 1/4″ Industrial Interchange Hose Couplings Catalogue.

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